"..The older you get, the more you'll need the people you knew when you were young..."  

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OPHS Class of 1996 10 Year Reunion: July 1st & July 2nd

 Tuesday, August 9th, 2005  
UPDATE! New additions and updates include: Todd Charland, Justin Jaeger, Michelle Cianciosa, Jay Leach, Nathan Ibarra, Mark Nanni, Katie Waite, and more. Check listing to the right.
Sunday, March 20, 2005  

No, I haven't added new alumni information. I'm still sitting on that important aspect of the site. However, a forum has been created to help alleviate the issues with the . You can check it out here.

 Sunday, May 9th, 2004  

New additions include Stacey Wagner, Mark Brice, Jill Todero, Sam LaLomia and others...check listing to the right.

Monday February 23rd, 2004  

Have updated the site with any new info passed to me within the last four months. Will try and get changes/additions, etc. up when possible, but as most of you can imagine, it's difficult to find free time these days. :) I've listed new alumni and all changes to the right.


  • Congrats to Matt Daniels on the birth of his new child in September '03.
  • Congrats to Brian Walker on his engagement to Beth Dothage.
  • Congrats to Kevin Maloney on the birth of his new baby girl on January 18th, 2004.

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Todd Charland
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Michelle Cianciosa
Jay Leach
Nathan Ibarra
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