Listing Names J-L

Jaeger, Justin
Current Residence: Superior, CO
Profession: Legal Clerk/Attorney
Employer: Clear Creek Land Conservancy
Other: school junk:
BA-Environmental Studies/Sociology-Denison University, Granville, OH
[via pay-offs]
JD-University of Denver, CO
[via blackmail]
-'staff' writer for
-associated w/ la sportiva [], and franklin climbing
so buy their stuff
Address: 5757 W Eugie Ave
               Glendale, AZ, 85304 
Email Address:

Jankowiak, Jason
Current Residence: Illinois
Profession: Stint in nuclear engineering with the Navy, now a History major at Parkland College.
Other: Married and has a month old daughter. 
Email Address:

Juliano (Martinez), Jaime
Current Residence: Glendale, Az
Profession: Insurance Agent
Employer: Milne, Scali, &Company
Other: Recently married on April 28th to Michael Martinez
Address: 5757 W Eugie Ave
               Glendale, AZ, 85304 
Email Address: JMMANGEL78@AOL.COM

Knauer, Jason
Current Residence: Aviano, Italy
F-16 crew chief for the Airforce
Email Address:

 Kapalczynski, Daryl
Current Residence: Silverthorne CO
Internet Coordinator
Employer: Copper Mountain Ski Resort
Address: Po Box 24571
              Silverthorne, CO, 80457
Other: Has a website detailing tattoos:
Email Address: 
Comments: "Anyone want to do some riding, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, fly fishing, boating or maybe some camping?? Drop me a line and get your ass out to Colorado."

Kempa, Jennifer
Email Address:

Kraffa, Gretchen
Current Residence: Lackawanna
Other: Has a two year old girl.
Email Address:

Krawczyk (Sitarek), Kathy
Current Residence: Elma, NY
Works at WD Ormsby center as a Multi-Occ teacher
Other: Married and almost done finishing her Masters degree at Buffalo State.| Had a baby boy. Joseph Scott on July 16, 2002. 6lbs.
Email Address:

 LaLomia, Sam
Current Residence: Pittsburgh, PA
Profession: Medical Sales
Employer: E.B.I. Medical
Email Address:
Comments: Nothing crazy just working in Pittsburgh... If anyone is ever in the area look me up... Good to see so many people doing well! I wish you all the best!

 Lauricella, Nick
Current Residence: Orlando, FL
Profession: Mortgage Broker
Employer: Central Florida Home Equity
Address: 9024 Summit Centre Way
 Orlando, FL 32810
Phone: 407-375-1006
Email Address:

 Leach, Jason
Current Residence: Washington, DC
Profession: IT Consulting & Software Sales
Employer: InterAmerica Technologies
Address: 820 North Carolina Ave. SE # 2
 Washington, DC 20003
Phone: (202) 441-1604
Email Address:

Lennartz, Sarah
Current Residence: Tucson, AZ
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Leone, Paul
Email Address:

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