Listing Names A-C

Appler, Jessica
Current Residence: Plano, TX
Profession: Manager
Employer: Quiktrip
Email Address:

Beard, Justin
Current Residence: Hamburg, NY
Profession: Personal Banker
Employer: HSBC Bank
Address: 6738 Vail Drive
               Hamburg, NY, 14075
Phone: 716-649-7484
Email Address:
Comments: Have a kitty who was found on the road. His name is Boston Zimmerman Beard. :)

Beech, Colin
Profession: Graduate work at RPI
Email Address:

Bistis, Lori
Current Residence: Boston, MA
Profession: Operations Consultant
Employer: Accenture
Email Address:

Blaszak, (Taylor) Tracy
Current Residence: Lincoln, AL
Profession: Regional Environmental Specialist - Southeast Region
Employer: MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.
Email Address:

 (Casey) Bonadonna, Marcie
Current Residence: Buffalo, NY
Profession: Human Resources Consultant
Employer: Performance Partners
Other: Married to Todd Casey 10/26/01
Email Address:

Borowicz, Molly
Current Residence: Colden, NY
Teaching K-6
Employer: Various - Subbing
Other: "I graduated with my BS in Communications from SUNY Fredonia in 2000."
Address: 7108 Liebler Road
               Colden, NY, 14033
Phone: 716.481.2406
Email Address:
Comments: Finishing my Masters degree in December.

Braciak, Janet
Current Residence: Dayton, Ohio
Profession: Gradated from the University of Dayton May 2000 with a BA in Psychology and currently working on her Masters in Community Counseling.
Email Address:

Brice, Mark
Current Residence: Washington, D.C.
Profession: PR/Marketing
Employer: Kalieda Health
Address: 2126 Union Rd.
              West Seneca, NY, 14224
Email Address:

Brotz, Kristina
Current Residence: West Seneca, NY
Profession: Teaching Third Grade
Employer: Lakeshore Central
Address: 2126 Union Rd.
              West Seneca, NY, 14224
Email Address:

Burakowski, Julie
Email Address:

Cain, Thomas
Current Residence: Washington, D.C.
Profession: Currently working at a Law Firm.
Address: 2300 N Street 
              NW Washington, DC 20037
Phone Number: 202.663.9277
Email Address:

Cardinale, Carin
Current Residence: Albany, NY
Profession: Graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a B.A. in Psychology/ Secondary Education Social Studies; and currently attending Albany Law School.
Email Address:

Casey, Meaghan
Current Residence: Long Island, NY
Profession: Working towards a ph.d. in pharmacology at SUNY Stonybrook
Email Address:

Catanzaro, Joe
Email Address: 

Chelus, Michael
Current Residence: Buffalo, NY
Profession: Recently graduated from Law School at the University of Buffalo
Email Address:

Charland, Todd
Current Residence: Syracuse, NY
Profession: Physical Therapist
Employer: Upstate Medical University
Other: Baby Boy was born on 4-12-04
Email Address:

Cianciosa, Michelle
Current Residence: Blasdell, NY
Profession: Attorney
Employer: Niagara County legal Aid Society
Other: I am currently working in Niagara Falls and Lockport representing clients in
housing matters and divorces.
Email Address:

Coffee, Clark S.
Current Residence: New York / Ann Arbor, NY/MI
Profession: Investment Banking (on leave to earn MBA)
Employer: Lehman Brothers / Michigan Business School
Email Address:

Conley, Christa
Current Residence: North Carolina
Profession: Sales and Marketing for a software company
Other: Recently engaged and will be married in '03. 
Email Address:

Conley, Christina
Current Residence: Florida
Profession:  Works at Walt Disney World as a Food and Beverage Manager
Other: "I received my Sommelier Certification ("Sommelier" in French = wine master) back in April - and have been loving getting paid to drink great wine!"
Email Address:

Costa, Mark
Current Residence: Kansas
Email Address:

Cudzil, Jennifer
Current Residence: West Seneca, NY
Profession: Physical Therapist
Email Address:

Culligan, Paul
Current Residence: Arlington, VA
Email Address
Comments: "I'm currently the focus of a major government study on how to stop bed-wetting."

Curran, Don
Current Residence: Phoenix, Arizona
Profession: Working for Motorola
Email Address:

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